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How can I download all my media?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Currently, if you want to obtain all of the media uploaded to your Platform vhost, you can do so using several different methods:
  1. Download media individually
    1. By clicking on a piece of media to it's details page, you can select "download original" to have the original file saved to your computer.
  2. FTP media to your destination of choice
    1. By setting up an FTP transfer profile, you can select multiple pieces of media and transfer to the profile you have set up. Learn more about FTP transfers here.
  3. Run a script to download your media
    1. Using a PHP script that we can provide, you can configure the media and information that you download directly to your destination of choice. Please contact Support for more details.
  4. Engage New Spark Media to download and deliver your media to you
    1. New Spark Media offers services where we can configure and run the PHP download script for you. Additionally, we can upload the media to your destination of choice (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or save it to a hard drive and have it delivered to your office. Please contact Support for more details.

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