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Installing a Gallery Widget
Last Updated 3 years ago

This documentation will provide you with the step-by-step instructions on how to install and configure a Gallery Widget.

To combine a Gallery widget with an Upload Widget to enable uploading and voting with a Gallery, please see the help document on this topic.

How to Guide:
  • Go to Applications in the main navigation and click on Widgets

  • From the Widget catalogue, click on the Install tab
  • Click on the Gallery Widget from the list and then Install
  • Edit your desired settings in the publisher tabs, clicking save on each tab

  • Copy the embed code found on the Embed page and add it to your site

Publisher Options:
  • Info - on this tab, you can give your gallery a unique name and description. This is used internally and is helpful for identification if you have multiple galleries installed.
  • Media - this section will allow you to configure what media is displayed in the widget. You can specify a channel or group and choose whether or not you want to include any children to that channel or group. Additionally, you can choose to only display content that has an approved moderation status.
  • Settings - here you can manage the social sharing options for your users as well as add your Google Analytics UA code.
  • Uploading - should you want to enable voting or uploading with the Gallery widget, you can select the Upload widget here. More on how this is done can be found in this help document.
  • Design - in this section you can manage the display settings for the Gallery thumbnails, as well as some basic colours and fonts to better match your branding.
  • Embed - copy the final embed code provided on this page and place it on your website.
  • Advanced Settings
Don't forget to save along the way! Any changes you make in the Publisher will automatically be reflected on your live Gallery widget.

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