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Adding your widget as a Facebook tab
Last Updated 3 years ago

For audiences on Facebook, you may want to direct them to upload content to you that isn't done on Facebook, but makes the experience easier than sending them away.

If you wish to include your Upload or Gallery widget on your Facebook page, follow these steps.

  • After installing your widget, create a blank application on the Platform
  • Go to Applications in the main navigation and Custom Applications
  • Click on "Install New Application"

  • Give your application a meaningful name and a domain. If you wish us to host the domain choose a unique subdomain and include (i.e. [custom]
  • Under Application Type, leave it as Blank Web Application
  • Don't forget to save!
Now that your applications are ready, now you need to have the Custom Application you made display your widget.

  • In the main navigation, go to Applications and Widgets and open the widget you wish to display
  • Copy the embed code provided by the widget publisher
  • Go back to your Custom Application by clicking on the thumbnail in the Custom Applications view
  • Under the Templates list on the left, click on "Home"

  • Delete the "Hello World" default text and paste in your embed code
  • Don't forget to save!
You now have the ability, using HTML and our component code to customize this page for things like additional branding or instructional copy.

Adding your Application to Facebook:
  • Note: You will need to be a Facebook Page Owner and have a Facebook Application in order to continue this process.
  • In your Facebook application, under Settings and Basic, click Add Platform, and choose Page Tab.
  • Under Secure Page Tab URL, use the Application domain you made (i.e. [

  • Don't forget to save!
  • Using the following Facebook URL structure, your Facebook App ID and the Application URL, open a new tab and include the following:

YOUR_APP_ID - the Facebook Application ID
YOUR_URL - the application URL you created

You will be prompted by Facebook to add the tab to a page, which should be immediately available on the left menu of your Facebook page.

Do note that this is only available for users on a Desktop computer, as Facebook doesn't allow Page Tabs to be viewed on their mobile app or mobile browser view.

Congratulations, you have added a widget to your Facebook page!

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