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How can I get Upload Notification Emails?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Sometimes, to know when to review content, you want to be notified by email. Following these steps, you can configure your groups to notify you when uploads are ready for you to review.

How to Customize the Email:
  • You have the opportunity to either use an email template that we have created for this intended purpose, or to customize your own.
  • Start by going to Applications > Custom Applications from the main navigation.
  • You can install a new application or utilize the email templates in a previously installed application. A Gallery is an example of an application that has templates you can use.
  • Click on the application and then on Email Templates

  • Click on new at the top of the email list.
  • Call your email template "Media Added to Group", use the default wrapper, give it a subject and a sender email, then click "Create"

  • The body of the email is now ready for you to customize. The template can accept HTML and our component code.
  • You can include the following as a default template that will provide you with the key information when media has been uploaded. It will dynamically include the group name, your vhost and the ID of the media uploaded.
Media has been added to the group.
groupID: {$group_id}
selectedVHost: {$selectedVHost}
mediaID: {$media_id}
  • Don't forget to click Save and then Cancel to save your changes and then unlock the template for others to access. If you don't Cancel, the template lock will expire after 15 minutes.

How-to Configure the Notification:
  • On your vhost, navigate to your groups by going to Curate > Groups from the main navigation
  • Click on the group you want to receive notifications from and then click on the Email Notifications tab.
  • Select the email template from the dropdown. Typically this is called "Media Added to Group", but this will correspond to the email that you have created in the previous section.

  • Don't forget to save your changes!

How-to Add Recipients:
  • To determine who will receive the "Media Added to Group" emails, you will need to add members to your group.
  • Start by going to the Members section from the main navigation.
  • Find the user you want to add to the group and double click into their profile.
  • Click on Add User to Group on the right and select the group that you've configured notifications for from the dropdown. The user will be automatically added once you have selected the group.

  • The user will now appear in the Group details as a member and will receive emails any time media is uploaded to that group.
  • Repeat the above steps for additional groups or members.

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