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How do I create a privacy policy for an Application?
Last Updated 3 years ago

As of May 2018, a new feature has been added to the Upload Widget Publisher that allows you to store and manage Privacy Policy documents that may be required for your users to contribute content.

How To:
  • From the main Platform navigation, go to Applications > Custom Applications.
  • Here, you can either click on an existing application or create a new one.
  • In the Sections box on the right, click on Privacy.

  • Enable the Privacy Settings to continue to create your documents.
  • Click on "New Privacy Document" to start a new Privacy Policy.
  • Give your Document a name that is meaningful to you. This is for internal identification purposes only
  • For each policy, provide a title or headline that will appear to your users. You can choose for this policy to be required by toggling on the Required field to the right.
  • Add your legal verbiage in the Legal field. This will be presented to your user and can contain whatever you need to gain your user consent.
Note: in the Legal section, you are able to utilize styling such as bold, italics, etc., as well as href tags for creating links.

  • You may add additional policies, as needed.
  • To remove an unneeded policy, click on the red x icon to delete
  • When you are finished, click Create to save your Privacy Document.
  • Once your Policy is saved, you may return to edit it by clicking on the pencil icon.
  • When you are ready, click on the arrow to publish your new Policy to your Upload Widget.
Note: once you publish a new policy, you cannot edit it.

You may now use this stored information to be served up through our APIs or in our white label applications to prompt new and returning users to consent to your policies before contributing their data.

To understand what we do with the data stored by the Platform or how to access your user information, take a look at our Privacy documentation topic.

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