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How can I see user consents in the Platform?
Last Updated 3 years ago

As of May 2018, for any applications that utilize Privacy Documents from our Platform, you will be able to see, at-a-glance relevant information from your users.

How to:
  • Start by going to your Members page by clicking on Members in the main navigation

  • Double click on a member listed to access their profile details
  • On the top right of the member details, click on the Privacy button to make this section visible and display the relevant information related to their user consent.

  • Application ID refers to the Upload Widget's ID
  • Policy refers to the Policy title given within the document
  • Enforcement identifies whether or not the policy was required or optional
  • Consent indicates with a green check or red x whether the user gave their consent.
To learn how to download audit logs or user information relating to Privacy Policies, please take a look at our Privacy documentation topic.

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